Wednesday, 26 November 2014

5 SMS Romantis bahasa Inggris Untuk si Pacar

Kalau kamu lagi mencari ide untuk SMS romantis, trixmu akan membagi ide SMS yang romantis untuk pacar kamu. SMS romantis ini pakai bahasa inggris, supaya si pacar tambah meleleh deh baca SMS dari kamu.

SMS Romantis Tentang Rindu

SMS romantis

” If I could have your heart, you know I loved you so much. I walk the desert, and I’ll swim the sea, As long as when I get there, You in love with me “

” They say time will dry the tears, but true love burns for a thousands years. I miss you so “

” Everytime I look upon the stars, I see you. Everytime I catch my breath, I feel you. And everytime I look at you, I live “

” Do you know what I’m thinking right now ? I think of you. Why I tell you this ? Because I miss you “

SMS Romantis Tentang Cinta

” If love was a fire, then we’d get burnt. If love was a bird, then we’d soar, If love was a movie, then we’ win the oscar “

” You have no idea how grateful I am to have you, I am truly blessed because of your love “

” My heart will stop beats if you leave me, I want to be right there with you for ever and for always “

” You will always be my love, always have and always will “

Nah, segitu dulu yah kumpulan SMS romantis bahasa inggris dari trixmu, post lainnya trixmu akan bagi-bagi lagi kumpulan SMS romantis lainnya, semoga bermanfaat!

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